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Silent Spring Nature Retreat

Silent Spring Nature Retreat

A beautiful forest coming alive,
Sitting around the crackling fire in a tipi,
Waking up with the dew and the sounds of the birds,
Breathing in the fresh pine scented air,
Nowhere to go, nothing to do.

In our society, we tend to be outwardly focused seeking happiness and love. Turning the gaze inward allows us to realize we already have everything we need. Silence can help you to remember what is true and what is important, so your circumstances no longer need to change in order for you to be happy or content. By anchoring yourself in silence, you can make peace with the mind, setting you free.

Intentional time spent in nature can help you to slow down, reconnect with yourself and receive the gift of the present moment. Being in the presence of mother nature, with little to no distraction, can remove obstacles from your life, transform negative beliefs that impede your growth and help you connect to your inner light.

We are an intrinsic part of nature. Therefore, we can learn a lot about our current state of being by observing nature closely. With our whole being we move through life with nature and its seasons. With the stillness of winter coming to a close, we are waking up once again. Spring invites us to rediscover ourselves, to purify our body, mind and spirit, so we can start a new chapter in our lives.

During the Silent Spring Nature Retreat we will live in close harmony with nature for a week. We camp together in the forests of the Veluwe in a traditional tipi with a fire pit inside to keep us warm. Most of our time together will be spent in silence, to allow ourselves to listen to the voice of mother nature and her guidance. Over the course of the week, we will softly guide you into deep silence for a few days, after which we will slowly bring you back into the world to integrate what you have learned.

We facilitate your inner journey with the following elements:

• A safe space of noble silence in the forest
• Guided meditations to tune in with your truth
• Contemplative exercises to integrate nature’s wisdom in your daily life
• Sharing circles around the fire to connect with and learn from each other
• Physical movement and dance to release tensions and to feel alive
• Purifying, sattvic foods to rejuvenate the body
• An opportunity to learn how to live in and with nature

Let us celebrate a new beginning, inspire each other and learn from mother nature’s wisdom.

Eva & Sacha are living a simple life in nature in a tiny wooden house and are hosting this retreat together. They share a deep love for silence and nature.

Eva’s calling is spreading silence and allowing you to surrender to the adventure of this life. She takes you out of your comfort zone and back into your own silence, using nature as the perfect example to show that everything is already here. By being fully present, she allows you to receive the experiences you need. She is a host of silent retreats, has organized and assisted in many medicine ceremonies and is the founder and trainer of the Your Way training.

Sacha works as a coach and guide helping people to discover their inner light by connecting deeply to nature and the wilderness. He organizes nature and rewilding retreats, taking people into nature and back into their natural self. He also guides tea ceremonies, an ancient practice that helps you find stillness within. By teaching you how to practice and remain in awareness, he helps you to remember you are always already free.

“Eva is an inspiration and spiritual guide that I can learn so much from. Showing me boundaries, surrender, dancing with life, jumping into the unknown. She knows how to surprise me. I am grateful for her loving and non judgmental presence, an example of a change-maker, completely aligned with who she is.” —Nicky

“I felt somehow understood by Sacha with out having to say anything, feeling supported and also accepted for the weirdness going on inside me. He has such a calm, intelligent energy I really enjoy.” —Noémi

“I’m so grateful to have been able to spend a week with Eva. She is so cool. I love it. I feel so willing and excited to explore surrender and deeper softness just from being around her. The silent presence she has been holding has been uncomfortable for me at times, and has helped me so much, I can’t even begin to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” —Jason

“Sacha is without any kind of judgement. Open, delicate, sweet, wise, but also still. I loved his guided meditations, I really went deeper in myself. I love his delicacy and tact towards everyone.” —Anna

“Eva is an amazing woman, a powerful woman. With her beautiful being and message she makes the world even more beautiful. She inspires me with her patience, love and being who she is.” —Laura

“Sacha is a very gentle and easy to go to guy. His knowledge about traditions, spiritual practice, and the human mind seem endless. This quality alongside with his intuitive skills go hand in hand to
help anyone gain clarity on self.” —Sensi

The retreat will be held in a private forest in De Hoge Veluwe near Epe, and is accessible by car. We’ll connect you with the other participants in case you are in need of a ride. You are welcome to arrive in the morning of Saturday 9 March. Please make sure you arrive by noon so you can make yourself at home and we can share lunch together. The retreat will end on Friday 15 March in the afternoon.

In order for you to feel comfortable during the retreat, we’ll send you a packing list of important items to bring. Among a few other things, you’ll need a warm sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a meditation pillow, a wool blanket, and good clothes to keep you warm and dry in the changing weather.

For the early birds we are offering this retreat for €499 including tax in the first week of its sale, before or on Monday 11 February. After the first week the price will be €549 including tax. If you decide to bring a friend or a loved one, you’ll both receive a €50 discount. Included in the price is the retreat program, accommodation for six nights and all meals.

You can register by buying your ticket here.

Any questions you’d like ask us or doubts you’d like to clear? Feel free to email us at or

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