'Nobody ever had a bright idea while they were attacking a machine-gun nest ' - John Cleese

Forcing new ideas to come up, forcing inspiration just doesn't work for me. 'I need to write a really good text' or 'I have to come up with the brightest idea, NOW please'. Haha, what a struggle that can be.

It may sound like a paradox, but to be able to do my work, I need to actually stop working. You will probably recognize that the most creative and brilliant ideas you've had, came while you were enjoying yourself. Inspiration and creativity come from the unconcious. When you're relaxed. When you're under the shower, working out, dancing, in the sauna, walking, or chatting with a friend about random stuff. 

So whenever you're working on something and you feel stuck, I would suggest: shake it off! Go do a thing that is completely different, jump around, get on your head, play a game, go outside. 

You might find yourself reading this in a grey, dull office place. OK. I have been there. A couple tips that helped me (also if you're not in a grey, dull office place):


It puts you and your work in perspective.

Go to the toilet, close your eyes, take a couple breaths and zoom all the way out. See yourself, and zoom: sitting on the toilet - being in this building - being in this neighbourhood - being in this city - being in this country - being in Europe - being in this continent, being on this earth, being in this universe - being beyond this universe. Stay there for a while. And then come back. 


Get a buddy or go alone, silence your phone, and make sure that you get some fresh air everyday. Walk around the area, find a park nearby, breathe in the fresh air. Feel the wind on your skin, your feet on the floor.


If you're interacting with a lot of colleagues or clients all day, it is nice to create some space to be alone and to have a break of all the interaction. So many people and stories can trigger a lot which can cause a lot of energy leaking. For instance: have lunch somewhere else on your own, sit/meditatie in the prayer room if you have one, work on a floor where nobody knows you, go to a coffee place, etc.


Book a room, or go to the toilet and have a silent disco with your headphones and just start crazy moving and dancing for a couple minutes. You will feel absolutely fresh and livily afterwards, I promise!


A silent disco on your own is pretty useful and productive and good for your company ofcourse, but it might be a bit boring to do it all by yourself (Click for Celine Dion - All by myself). It is so much more nice to find other people inside your company who will join you (Jack Johnson - Better together). So you can have weekly or daily minutes to remember each other to relax, to enjoy, and to get some inspiration. Maybe not like this..... 

So whenever you feel you're way too much stressed or need inspiration - have a break. It feels like a contradiction but I promise you: it works.

How do you get your inspiration? Please let me now if you've tried some of the above and how it works. Let's share, learn and let's shake things up!


PS. Can you use some help with this? I guide creativity and inspiration sessions, would love to take your team/organisation on an adventure. For info/bookings: check my website, mail to eva@evennaareva.com.