Magic Of Life

- Tears of gratitude

Yesterday I was on the road and it suddenly got me again. My heart was dripping with tears of gratitude. That I can live my life this way. Feeling absolutely free. Since I step up, since I have the courage to follow my heart's desire for some years now, life is unfolding in such magical ways.

Nature takes care of all, when we start trusting in it. Trusting in our own capabilities, in our inner voice.
I would like to share things that really helped me along the way, and still do. Everyone is different and everyone has their own way, yet it might inspire you:

- Infinite support
Marco is one of my biggest cheerleaders (haha - now I see you in a cheerleader suit jumping up on down). Friends/family who know what you're about, who believe in you and who remind you how friggin AWESOME you are. Collect them! Honestly - thank YOU Marco.

- The fuck it mentality. 
I used to give soooo many fucks. On what other people would say, think.. Ofcourse it can go deep > you don't want to be rejected by the people you love. I was SO afraid of that.. But know that people who love you truly, will stay and support you no matter what you do. Just do it.

- What is this perfect for?
Circumstances are just circumstances - they don't mean anything unless you give meaning to it. Have no expectations. If you find yourself dissapointed, you're busted on having expectations. Which is totally human, so don't blame yourself. But instead of complaining, know that everything happens for a reason. You just might not see that reason yet. So ask yourself: 'what is this perfect for?' and open up to lessons so you can grow.

- Love yourself
Such a hard one. I used to be so hard to myself. Holy shitfuck. That shift, shifted my whole world and being. Start loving yourself, it is really not that hard. Don't become too attached to other people, find it in yourself. You get the love you think you deserve, so this one starts with you. The longest relationship you have is with yourself, so invest in that.
Some tricks:
I cuddle myself in bed
I wink to myself when I see myself in a mirror or window
Have a romantic date night with yourself - nice food/candle

- Share
Share everything you know, share your love. Share your light. Share, give it all away. Feel abundant - everything is already here - there is never a lack of things. When you tap into that, it all comes back to you in suprising forms.

What works for you?
Fuck it! Go for it! Stand up! Wake up. Follow your own way.

PS. Want more? I created a program together with Rashma about finding your way. What is your way? What is your flavour?

We don’t know. And we can’t tell you. Nobody can. 
You have to find it out yourself. Learn to listen to yourself. But you don't have to do it on your own. Embark on a journey with us, where you will not recognize your life again afterwards. A journey provided with focus, inspiration, concentration and questions. We provide an environment in which you dive into your way. Check it out here.