I often have the role of facilitator, guide, teacher. And I love it. It just fits, it works. And I love to learn as well. I’ve been investing in myself for €400 a month the last six months, in therapy and courses. What I am learning is not even worth a price, it is transforming myself and my life.

I feel that we are all teachers and all students. I’m passing on what I am learning. Integrate inspiration and teachings from beautiful people, and passing it on to beautiful people.

A pitfall for students can be that you are only learning, keep going to courses and retreats, keep thinking you’re ‘not there yet’, ‘not ready yet’. Insecurity often runs the game. But trust me, you will never be ready. You gotta jump into the water before you can swim. You gotta start walking before you can run.

A pitfall for teachers can be that they keep teaching, forget to invest in themselves. Maybe thinking they are ‘done learning’. It’s so important to learn, to fuel and charge yourself. You will stay and be an even better teacher when you keep learning as well.

What role do you take on most?

Are you a student? Remember that you are a teacher too, what can you share? What can you contribute? You are full of gifts, already!

Are you a teacher? Remember to fuel and charge yourself often, take good care.

I’m curious, do you recognize? What role do you take on mostly? Let me know!