I can't emphasize it enough: if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. You don't know what you want? You're somewhat satisfied, but something is itching? Something feels not complete? Do you think things will change, without you changing? 

When you keep going, keep being distracted, being addicted to your phone, don't have one free moment for yourself, you'll keep dancing in the same circles all the time. If that is what you want - perfect. If it is not what you want - it is up to YOU to make a change. 

Do you feel done? Done with where you are at, and ready for a change? To REALLY make a change? To discover who you are and what you want? Ready to step our of your victim role and take responsibility for yourself? To know that your feelings and your life is happening the way it is, because of you. And not because of something or somebody else.

YAY! That is awesome! Three steps that can help you from here:

1. Sit down. 
Deep down you know what you want, find the time to listen to it. To sit down, become silent, go offline. Sit with yourself and listen. Ask yourself: what do I want?

2. Follow your curiosity. 
What are you excited about? What would you like to know more off? Follow that.

3. Act.
Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Who inspires you? Go talk to that person. Need help? Get help. Join a course, read a book, hire a coach, meet-up with a friend and inspire each other. Even when it is scary: feel the fear and do it anyway. 

With all my love. GO!



Fucking for virginity – that’s how sharing words about silence feels like; useless. But yeah, silence is such a treasure, it needs to be shared. I see so many teachers, workshops, books, medicine/drug use everywhere – consuming movements, from out to in. 'Fingers pointing at the moon - if you watch the finger, you can't see the moon'. I feel very grateful for all the teachings that I’ve got and still get from outside. BUT.
Shit really shifts, when you shift. From outwards to inwards.

Who are you? What is inside of you? What makes you wiggle your tail? What do you like? Do you know? I used to be clueless. And although I can’t explain, I can share the importance of silence. By listening, things get clear. I like to see it as a bottle with mud. You’re shaking your bottle probably a lot – working, busybusybusybusy, living your life, being online all the time.

If you put the bottle down (bottle = yourself) and just watch how the mud settles and the water becomes clear. Frightening it can be. Uncomfortable it can get. Yes. But wow – it’s priceless. In silence, you shut up, and after a while, your thoughts do so too. Things become clear. And light. And funny. And so, so simple. It’s an experience you have to experience by yourself, but you don’t have to be alone. I wholeheartedly recommend you to find some silence. To stop. Surrender to silence. It is the biggest gift you can treat yourself (and your environment) with. My 2 cents.

PS. Looking for a silent place with guidance to go inward? Lucky you. In this week we provide you with lots of silence. No strict vipassana, but enough silence to go deep into it. With attention for integration. Early bird until the 10th of December. You are so, so welcome: